Electric Power IQ is joining PowerPro 360

Electric Power IQ has a long history of training in transformer maintenance and reliability. As part of SDMyers, we began training in 1975 as the Transformer Maintenance Institute. From there, we literally wrote the book on transformer maintenance (first published in 1981). Over the next four and a half decades, our training group expanded into a full-service electric power training department that has trained more than 32,000 professionals. That service became what you know as Electric Power IQ, with over 150 current course offerings and a custom online learning management system.

In 2023, we are embarking on the next chapter of our story. We are joining our sister company, PowerPro 360.

The entire Electric Power IQ team, course offering, and online learning management system will now operate as a service of PowerPro 360 called Electric Power Training.

Who is PowerPro 360?

As our sister company within Good Place Holdings, PowerPro 360 aims to help organizations achieve 360 degrees of reliability for their electric power distribution systems. We are excited to join them in this mission!

They provide customers with AssetPro, an asset management service that helps plan, prioritize, trend, and assess the health of their maintenance programs and electric power assets. This tool focuses on an organization’s equipment, but a missing piece to having a comprehensive reliability program is the people who manage the equipment. As we know, having a truly reliable electric power system requires having both the right tools and the right knowledge.

Why now?

After reviewing the organizational goals for our organizations (SDMyers, Electric Power IQ, and PowerPro360), it was clear that the training service aligned perfectly with PowerPro 360’s direction and focus. Because of our existing relationship with PowerPro 360, this collaborative move was easy. It not only made sense but will serve customers in new and better ways for years to come.

What you can expect from PowerPro 360

Our founder, Stanley D. Myers, began with the vision to help educate transformer owners on the importance of transformer maintenance to experience the maximum reliable life of their equipment. The heart of that vision is continuing today through PowerPro 360.

Most things will remain the same from your perspective as an existing customer of Electric Power IQ, except we will now operate under the new PowerPro 360 name. We will still provide live online and in-person training courses, industry learning credits options (CEUs, NETA CTDs, and PDHs), and world-class industry expertise.

If you received training in the past from SDMyers or Electric Power IQ, you can expect the same excellent service, care, support, and experience as before.

How to connect with PowerPro 360

Over the next few weeks, you will continue to receive communication from us, but it will be coming from PowerPro 360 for the first time. To stay connected, you can reach out to us in a few ways. We encourage you to visit our website, online course catalog, and follow us on our new LinkedIn page.

Turning knowledge into power,

— The PowerPro 360 team